Beth Mullaney


Programs offered:

"Then and Now"
- Featuring country, pop, classic rock, Celtic, folk, TV and commercial theme songs, original and popular songs from the early 1900s to today.  This show features Beth on vocals, guitar, mandolin and more and can easily be tailored for any audience and any venue.  From Irish pubs, fairs, festivals,  conventions and  private parties - From  school children to retirement communities, there is something for everyone.

"The Celtic Pulse" an Irish Drumming Workshop, featuring Beth on Bodhran, Bones, Spoons and Mouth Music.  This show can be tailored for any organization and age group and is offered as a school program.  Audience members can even learn to play the spoons.


"Music, The Worlds Language"  is an energetic and interactive, all ages show featuring over 20 musical instruments and songs from around the world.  This show can be presented with Beth as a soloist, as a duo (with Irish Step dancer, tin whistler or violinist), or as a band with Killian's Angels.  This show can be tailored for any age group and is also offered as a school program.  

Renaissance and Celtic mandolin.  This music is perfect for parties and conventions and can include costume upon request.

As a Strolling entertainer at the Excalibur Hotel/ Casino from 1994-2007, Beth performed in the duo, MulliVan's Edge from 1994-2001 and as a soloist from 2001-2007.  Beth's solo strolling entertainer show, "Rhythm and Muse" brings the story of a creative chamber maid to life, by incorporating vocals, mandolin, guitar, bodhran, spoons, pots and pans and even a kitchen sink!

Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Harmonica, Bodhran and spoons
 as a part of your band or musical project.

Studio and session work - Along with vocal recording, Beth can also add Harmonica, Guitar and Mandolin to your recording.  Her quick ear will keep you within your budget and time frame.

Singing Telegrams I will write a song, custom made for your special occasion and upon request will present it with a unique character or costume.

"Old Fashioned Christmas" - A Musical Holiday Journey

Beth Mullaney, singer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist presents “Old Fashioned Christmas” - A Musical Holiday Journey.  Through the use of vocals, mandolin, guitar, Japanese sanshin, Irish bodhran, harmonica, spoons and a few instrumental surprises, Beth takes each listener on a musical journey with holiday songs and instruments from around the world.  

This energetic and heartwarming presentation is sure to bring a smile on the faces of young and old alike.  Perfect for any holiday occasion, you are warmly invited to sing along and clap along as you join Beth on a Musical Holiday Journey

“Spreading kindness, singing freely, the world cloaked in red and green… mistletoe, storybooks, tasty meals, eggnog, decorating trees.  A celebration of life!  I love Christmas!  It is my hope that the beauty and simplicity of this special time of year can be experienced through this musical holiday journey.   In my sixteen Decembers performing in Las Vegas, I’ve learned an amazing thing.  People of all ages, from all walks of life, know holiday songs.  They may not speak a word of English, but they can sing every word of Jingle Bells.  Through our differences, holiday music has a way of bringing us together.  My desire is that you will sing along, harmonize, drink a cup of hot apple cider, listen and enjoy.  Wherever you live, whatever you believe, may the spirit of this special season warm you and may you truly enjoy the feeling of “Home”.

MULLANEY -  The passion of the Irish spirit.  When each, unique and strong, become one.  That is the pulse of the Celtic circle – alive in Las Vegas.

Experience… MULLANEY

MULLANEY features Beth Mullaney, Willy Wainwright, Nannette Fortier and as a quartet with Anne Donohue.

MULLANEY is high energy, multi-layered music with violin, mandolin, vocals, guitar, bodhran, world percussion, Irish tin whistle and more.  

This high energy band can be offered as a duo, trio or quartet, featuring Beth Mullaney on lead vocals, mandolin, guitar, Irish tenor banjo, bodhran, spoons and harmonica, with Willy Wainwright on violin and mandolin, Nannette Fortier on drums, tin whistle, percussion and guitar and as a quartet with singer/guitarist Anne Donohue. Offering an extensive repertoire of hundreds of songs and styles, there is something for everyone in each performance.  With music and genres spanning hundreds of years, MULLANEY specializes in Celtic music past to present, acoustic folk rock, modern alternative folk and original songs as well as music from the medieval and renaissance periods.  

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Killian's Angels present an energetic mix of Celtic, country, originals, classic rock and more. Formed in 2001 this energetic, all girl band, based out of Las Vegas provide a stage show filled with electrifying vocals, rousing instrumentals and humorous stage banter that will keep your audience entertained for hours.   Featuring over 20 musical instruments ranging from tin whistle to the rock and roll tuba, Killian's Angels is sure to keep toes tapping, hands clapping and faces smiling. Their song "Celtic High Step" is featured in the NYC pub scene in the popular video game, Grand Theft Auto IV.  Killian's Angels has recorded two CD's and won National Radio Honors with King World  for their original version of the Jeopardy theme song.  It is rumored that Killian's Angels could charm the gold off a leprechaun.  For more information, go to 



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